Products we can advise you on


The need for protection through life assurance is of paramount importance. How would your family cope after the unfortunate occurance of your untimely death? As an independent financial adviser, we can search the market for the most appropriate terms.

Critical illness and Income Replacement Insurance

You are much more likely to suffer a serious illness than die before you retire. This could be a very worrying event for you and your family, and you should not have to be concerned at the same time about loss of income and problems with injury.


'The state will provide it!' Yes, it will provide, but only in a limited way. Your employer may help, but what if you don't have a company scheme? Even if you do, will it give you enough to live on?

Company Pensions

Are you looking to set up a pension scheme for you and your employees? Maybe a stakeholder or an occupational scheme. We can advise you on the most efficient route and the most appropriate provider to suit your requirements.


We all have things we want to save for. Weddings, world cruises, school or university... maybe even a classic car. If you don't put money away in a regular, disciplined way, who else will?

Estate Planning

You may be concerned about who will inherit your estate and about the impact of inheritance tax. How can you leave your estate to your chosen beneficiaries in a tax-efficient way?


Are you getting the most effective return on your investments? Unit trusts, bonds or individual savings accounts (ISAs) could all provide flexible, tax-efficient means of accumulating capital or generating regular monthly income.


Are you paying too much for your mortgage? Are you looking for a new mortgage? Are you currently stuck on a standard variable rate (SVR)? Are you a landlord seeking a buy-to-let mortgage? There are many offers around today for loans and remortgages, so why not take advantage of them and save some money? We can introduce you to leading lending sources and use up-to-date technology to source the most suitable deals for you.

A typical fee for mortgage advice is 1% of the mortgage amount. This means if you borrow £100,000 the typical fee will be £1,000.

Your home may be reposessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Equity Release

Are you aged 55 or over and want to look into releasing equity from your home? Releasing equity from your home might just be the answer to raising the money you need without having to move house. It is a big decision and there are many things to consider. Will it have any effect on your tax status or on your entitlement to some means-tested benefits? Releasing equity also means your estate receiving less and, depending on how much you release, it could receive nothing from the sale of your home. Home plans and lifetime mortages are complex products.

To understand the features and risks of equity release, ask for a personalised illustration.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

We have a range of companies we can use to provide quotes for buildings and contents or contents-only insurance, including cover for landlords on buy-to-let properties.