Investments & Saving

We follow an investment advice process by looking at the following:


  1. Your objectives linked to your financial goals
  1. Understanding your attitude to investment risk, capacity for loss, reward and volatility
  1. Looking at a strategy in asset allocation in which you base your investment position, both now and the future
  1. Reviewing the current investment markets and making informed choices on where we feel we would like to invest
  1. Building a robust review process which includes keeping up to date with current market situations


When looking at where you would like to invest, we need to find out exactly what it is you are looking for from your investment:

Saving for the short term - this tends to be for short term goals or when you need to get to your money quickly. For example a holiday, birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion, or maybe as an emergency such as fixing the car or replacing a household item.

Investing for the longer term - if you are willing to take some risk, balancing the risk of a short-term loss against the chance of a long-term gain can provide a better return.